Italian Laundry supplier Tonello’s recently launched Creative Area extends the company’s dedication to experimentation and research in denim.

-Sophie Bramel

Providing a constant stream of smarter and more sustainable washing, dyeing and finishing solutions for the denim industry, Italian laundry supplier Tonello is now introducing a new service that goes well beyond the scope of a traditional machinery maker. A direct offshoot of the company’s long-established Research Center, the Creative Area launched in March of 2017 has been set up in collaboration with denim authorities in the likes of Piero Turk and Massimo Falaguasta. Here, the company’s many customers, brands, and designers will be able to bring their ideas
to fruition, experimenting and testing treatments, special effects and washes with Tonello’s team always close at hand to provide advice and support.
“This new creative area is the natural outcome of our
philosophy: a concrete service for our customers that
goes beyond the simple fact of being a manufacturer of
machines,” says Alice Tonello,

the company’s head of R&D. Ultimately the company believes this Creative Area will become a real school, a craft shop, where people will come to meet and learn new techniques with denim masters happy to pass on their wealth
of experience and knowledge.Innovation has always been a core aspect of the family-run business. Among the many breakthroughs, it has brought to market, ECOfree, NoStone, and Core have arguably changed the face of the industry. Investing more than 10% of its turnover in research and development, a department that has been running for 12 years, Tonello believes strongly in the power of innovation: “It is a key differentiator for us because it means we address market needs not just as a machine manufacturer, but as a true and loyal partner for the most cutting-edge fashion brands,” says marketing executive Alberto Lucchin. The department is currently staffed with 12 people but it engages almost everyone in the company from the technical department to the customer and IT services.

Since its founding in 1981, family-run laundry supplier Tonello has made and sold more than 6500 machines.
In addition to developing equipment that eliminates the need for chemicals and reduces water and energy consumption, its focus on creativity within the industry is highlighted by the newly launched Creative Area where denim designers and experts are invited to explore, test and trial new ideas.



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