New sustainable denim technologies

The Spanish company Jeanologia reveals its latest advances: a technology that fuses ecology and efficiency in the finishing of jeans. The new and revolutionary jeans finishing processes save up to 95% in water and 90% of chemicals due to the efficient combination of its three laser, ozone, and eFlow technologies. With the slogan ‘One glass- one garment’, only one glass of water is needed for the finishing of one pair of jeans. This means a radical decrease in the consumption of water which currently needs an average of 70 litres. The new collection includes a technology that eliminates the use of potassium permanganate in the finish of the jean. Thanks to the Light PP Spray solution, the laser replaces the use of dangerous substances and pollution.The Light Sensitive Fabric (LSF) test is another novelty from Jeanologia. This tool makes it easier to classify fabrics that are most appropriate to achieve fashion finishes, natural and vintage, with low environmental impact, without using traditional techniques as manual scraping and the spraying of potassium permanganate. R.H.

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