50 years ago, Levi’s presented the 70505, now also known as: TYPE III Trucker Jacket.
Since then, it has been worn by ranchers, rock stars, truckers and rebels. Born during the rebellious movements of the «Summer of Love», this model became the most preeminent of all jeans jacket designs and developed continuously in the 20th century, without ever losing its recognition value.

In the late 19th century, Levi Strauss & Co. presented the first denim jacket: At that time it was according to the French word for «shirt» a denim «blouse». The front pockets were placed at the center and had 3 small folds to provide more space for tools. In addition, a buttoned cinch was on the back to the jacket. In the following decades the Levi’s Denim Jacket was launched in two more styles: TYPE II and TYPE III, launched in the early 1960s.
On the occasion of the birthday Levi’s presents a special edition whose premium rinse denim was woven with a gold thread, visible in the Selvage. The jacket is available in a limited edition of 505 pieces. In the women section, Levi’s launches a new version of the Original Trucker Jacket inspired by the Type III model from the 1960s, a new trucker jacket with a casual over sized fit. R.H.

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