Ananta Apparels Ltd. started its journey in the year 1991. The company was founded by my father Late Humayun Zahir, who was a very successful entrepreneur in the line of banking, insurance, real estate and RMG sector. After his sad demise in 1993, the family concentrated in the garment business and my mother Qamrun Nahar Zahir ran the business to maintain a stable operation. As I finished my under graduation from the University of Texas at Austin in 1998, I decided to immediately come back to Bangladesh and join the family business.

Mo s t a f i z U d d i n

I worked relentlessly in the production floor and marketing department to understand the need of the business. I took over the helm of the business as the Managing Director in the year 2006. I also convinced my younger brother, Asif Zahir who finished his under graduation from Stanford University and later Harvard Business
school to come back to Bangladesh around the same time. I also invited Ishtiaq Alam, my old friend from
school days to leave his successful career in US to join the business.
Together, we concentrated in the business and turned the 16 line factory with 2000 people in 2006 to a well-run corporate house which employs over 22,000 people and have achieved a growth of over 25% consecutively in the last five years. The company currently manufactures for over 20 retailers worldwide and offers various products such as Jeans, Sweaters, Mens Suit, Lingerie and other products that will be added in the pipeline. The company
today is very well structured to run with a professional management team. The Board is now working on several growth opportunities along with vertical integration in the different product lines.
Ananta Group Ltd. is a very strong company that provides a one stop solution to various retailers around the world. Our philosophy is to work very closely and in deep relation with our customers.
Once we are convinced that we find the right partner, we invest in the requirements of our customers and we aspire to grow the business to a level that makes us important to each other. All the factories of Ananta are equipped with the best facilities and the most professional management team. We usually dedicate production floors to our customers adhering to their quality expectations. We set up a very strong front end service with design support and dedicated merchandising teams. Today we are capable of offering very large production capacities such 3.5million units of jeans per month, 200,000pcs of Mens Suits, 500,000pcs of high end sweaters, 4million units of Bras and Panties. We have support services out of Turkey, Italy, Spain and US for sampling and product design. We are continuously working with our customers to be a socially and environmentally responsible company with a transparent structure of working.
Ananta has been involved in the Denim business for over 25 years. The denim industry has been cyclical over a long period of time traditionally. However, over the last couple of years we have seen a steady growth in the denim business due to the comfort factor of wearing by world customers. Denim is now not only a fashion statement but also an acceptable attire in regular to formal wear. The recent hype over sportswear and stretch knitted garments have also not been strong enough to bring down the demand of denim. Denim has rather transformed itself to more user friendly functions with high stretch and comfort wear properties.
Ananta have been on top of the denim trend by engaging designers out of Italy, Turkey and Spain to understand fabrics, washes, feel and comfort. Over the years we have invested in the best machines to ensure perfect quality can be maintained in production.
Our team works with the best denim mills of the world and are always very well informed about market innovations. We are continuously investing in technology such as lazers, ozones, and environmental friendly dyes and chemicals to make our product more acceptable to our customers.

“Ananta has been on top of the denim trend by engaging designers out of Italy, Turkey and Spain to understand fabrics, washes, feel and comfort.”

Today we are supporting almost all of our customers in product development and innovation. We work very closely to offer them better landed prices to their destination. We believe strongly that we as a manufacturer must concentrate in our operation and must support our customers in their marketing and distribution effort. We do not aspire to be a retailer or even be a private label to compete with our customers in their markets segments. However, we are a very strong manufacturer to support our customers in various value added services within our
manufacturing scope. We are also looking at various countries to set up production units to support the need of our customers. We will setup our own textile mill to bring speed and better product innovations in all our product categories. We will setup offices in various markets to offer better services to potential and existing customers. M.U.

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